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Shoreline Team

The ‘Shoreline Team’ are roles that are needed during the time of our beach cleanups. These could be either a one time commitment, an ongoing commitment, or case by case basis, and are meant to be roles that can easily be filled.

Shoreline Team: About Us


  • Get people signed in

  • Answer peoples questions, have conversations with people who stop to see what's going on

Data Collector

  • Weigh the debris, communicate weight to host to have it recorded next to name of person who collected it


  • Take on sales of Zero Debris Items - Shirts, Tote Bags, Books

  • Receive donations in jar

  • Talk to people about financial contribution opportunities  (a list/document will be provided for reference)

Vitality Captain

  • ​Vocally direct the event

  • Fill in where needed

  • Let people know there is water/coffee/snacks available

Shoreline Team: List

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Shoreline Team: Job Application
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