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Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate, empower and create awareness within our communities about how we currently impact the environment and aim to impact the environment in the future on a global scale.  Beyond creating a physical environment that has Zer0 Debris, we also believe that our name is representative of our larger  commitment to creating environments of race/gender, educational, and economic equity, as our aim is to also create a global community with Zer0 Debris.

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  1. Reduce the amount of plastic and waste debris in our environment starting with our oceans

  2. Educate our communities about our environmental impact and how we can reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse and rot to initiate change

  3. Educate our communities about how we can use budgeting techniques and to not only affect economic change but environmental impact change as well.

  4. Create programs that allow for racial and cultural equity, while creating products and services that promote a flourishing planet

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Corresponding Current Tactics:

  1. Monthly Beach Cleanups around the world. (Currently United States, Mexico, Philippines, and Nepal)

  2. Semi Annual Global Forums on Zoom with expert guest panelists who are committed to environmental education

  3. Partnered with Loot Camp, an organization that is inspiring youth to be accountable and responsible for their finances.

  4. Partnered with Radiant, an organization that is providing opportunities for underserved and underrepresented artisans to continue their art as a sustainable way of making a living.

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