Our Story

Our mission is to clean trash and debris which are harmful to all living organisms, from the shorelines of oceans, seas, lakes, and any body of water that has life in it.  We are a group of individuals who will continue this mission until we rid the beaches of all forms of contaminant. Until it is ZERO DEBRIS.  To touch, move, and inspire the world as to what a clean shoreline can do and how it can benefit  not only our humanity but also the marine life who co-exist with us and from whom we get our sustenance.


In Memory of Ulrich and his Legacy: Zero Debris

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Ulrich Floresca

Founder / C.E.O.

I began this Beach Clean-Up at Santa Monica Beach in California together with a friend and co-founder HAMID.  I was 48 then, December 8, 2017 trying to figure out on how to celebrate my birthday the unorthodox way.

Being a LANDMARK WORLDWIDE GRADUATE, “THE INSPIRATION” came from my coach who told me to clean the beach and start a  POSSIBILITY.

Together with Hamid we stationed a makeshift tent at the Sta. Monica Beach at Lifeguard 20 since then, and reached our TWO (2) Year Mark.

With what began as a Beach Clean-Up has spanned to 4 countries starting with the USA, Philippines, Mexico and recently in Nepal.

Neither did we know that ZERO DEBRIS is not just an ordinary Beach Clean-Up… 

It’s a Way of Life…Inspiring People!


The Zeroes

“We, the Zero Debris team,  affectionately call ourselves Zeroes. and we all have incredible power. We are curious and passionate individuals  who are making a difference in this world…”


Hamid Pezeshkian



Jessica Santiago

Vice President


Darren K

Chief Financial Officer


Matt Wolff

Chief Operations Officer

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Tristan Kendall

Chief Marketing Officer


Support Team

Judith Adhoot

Ryan Anderson

Asal Dean

Laura Evans

Regina Moniz

Janin Paine

Beth Ann Porter

Rachel Reimers

Kimberly Weeks

Seth Verde

Kimberly Weeks

Charissa Wheeler