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Planet Patrol

Planet Patrol is a way for individuals to get involved in helping take care of their environment!

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Planet Patrol: Welcome

Actions that Planet Patrol CAN be responsible for:

  • Cleaning up areas on their own time, and weighing their debris that can be added to our monthly total 

  • Support us by sharing our social media posts

  • Support us in inviting people to educational events, beach cleanups, and other initiatives 

  • Support us in fundraising efforts by making a contribution themself or sharing with people that can make contributions

  • Supporting Zero Debris as a whole or any Zero Debris Chapter of their choice

  • Have enrolling conversations that can translate into more people taking on environmental friendly lifestyle, volunteers for events, team support roles, or even the creation of more Zer0 Debris Chapters

  • Enroll or put us in contact with organizations and businesses that can serve as partners, sponsors or friends of Zero Debris

  • Put us in contact with outlets Zero Debris can use for media exposure

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Help take care of the environment!

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