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April 14, 2019

We are proud that Zer0 Debris has spread to three countries - Philippines, Mexico, and Nepal

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5 R's of Zero Waste


One of the first steps to minimizing waste is to refuse it. Learn to say no to single use items or items that will later end up becoming junk.


Reducing is tandem to refusing. By reducing the amount of items you purchase by being truly mindful of what you need or would like to have.

If you really need an item, the best course of action would be to check out the quality of the item you would like to purchase as the better made products will likely last you longer, which in turn will reduce the amount of purchases made of the same product. Another great idea for making sure you get the most bang out of your buck is to follow care instructions for the product. 


Reusing or repairing - instead of getting rid of an item after it breaks, a good thing to do would be to see if there is a way the item could be reused, repurposed or repaired. This guide can apply to clothing, electronics, furniture and more. 

However reusing could also mean donating your items. Even buying secondhand items is considered reusing.


Recycling shouldn’t be one of your first actions for items, but it happens unfortunately there will be items that you will end up having to recycle. 

When recycling it is important to sort and clean recyclables according to local regulations. Remember that every state differs in what they accept for recycling.


The final R – my personal favorite. Rot is basically in reference to composting.
Compost is so important because food that goes into the trash bin just winds up heading to a landfill where it doesn’t decompose. Instead, it turns into methane which is 30 times more potent than CO2 (yikes). When you compost, you advert this and literally transform those food scraps into beautiful soil fertilizer. It’s the ultimate form of recycling. Plus, you can use it in your garden or sell it if you don’t have a garden.

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