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Education and Zer0 Debris

We are committed to education around the environment for grades K-12 and in addition adult education, so that individuals understand their impact on the environment.

Below is a video from our educational event - Global Forum.  Stay tuned for more educational events coming soon.

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Global Forum

Global Forum

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Our Commitment to Education

Present and Future Commitments

Virtual Educational Events (Ongoing)

Hosting FREE educational events where people from around the world can attend and be inspired and set up to take action around taking care of the environment.

Guest Speaking (Ongoing)

Partner with schools K-12 and College Level to create guest speaking opportunities where Zer0 Debris can present an educational lesson plan to students.

Eco Glossary (Future)

Creation of an Eco Glossary on our website/PDF so people can understand the terms in the conversation around the environment

Field Trips (Future)

Partner with schools K-12 to source educational environmental related field trips that leave students inspired

Sustainability Workshops (Future)

Creation of Sustainability Workshops that can be offered to the community (for example. 'How to Compost', 'How to Repurpose ___')

Educational Videos (Future)

Creation of environmental educational videos to be shared across social media platforms.

Educational Graphics (Future)

Creation of educational graphics to be shared across social media platforms

Environmental Children's Book (Future)

Work with someone to create an Environmental Children’s Book meant for Ages 5-10. To get children started on a path of sustainable/zero waste living.

Careers in Environment


Working with schools that have college and career programs to have students aware of careers within environment (for example.. Ecological Engineers, Wind Turbine Technicians, Envrionmental Lawyers, Etc.)

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