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Zer0 Debris Matching Fundraiser

World Beach Cleanup Day Edition

The way it works is participants will collect debris on the day of the event and donors have the opportunity to match the amount of debris collected. For Example a dollar per a pound of debris, or donors can choose a specific person’s debris collection to match.

Donors will be acknowledged on the website.

Matching Fundraiser: About Us

Matching Examples

Woman Artist
Young Woman with Curly Hair
Smiling Man with Glasses

Amanda (Collected 11.6 pounds)

Donor Matched $5 per pound. Donation equals $58

Morgan (Collected 5.4 pounds)

Donor matched $10 per pound. Donation equals $54

Reese (collected 2.3 pounds)

Donor matched $50 per pound. Donation equals $115

Matching Fundraiser: Meet the Team
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